About Us

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Stud History

Horses have always been important in the daily life of my family. While we were farming on the Chatham Islands, much of our stock work was undertaken on horseback and we bred horses to suit this purpose. ‘Black River’ found its beginning as a stud by breeding pinto horses using a home-bred stallion, Rekohu Chieftain.

The breeding focus of the stud changed in 2008 and Black River Welsh Cobs was established with the purchase of Welsh Cob mare, El Alpha Jay Lo. The next step was finding a Welsh Cob stallion and in 2009 the exciting purchase of a colt was made, Arawa Sir Ed, bred by Jenny Davison from all imported blood lines.

Welsh Cobs had long appealed for their strength, agility, spirit and beauty. While the need for working horses had passed, it was easy to imagine that the Welsh Cob’s courage, hardiness, and endurance would have made them the perfect type of all-round horse for the type of riding we had grown to enjoy.

The passion for Welsh Cobs was caught by other members of my family; together with my mother and sister, we have built up a small herd of mares which serve as both ridden mounts and broodmares. We are now seeing the first of Ed’s progeny under saddle and out in show rings.

It is extremely rewarding to follow the success of Black River progeny, watching them grow and develop into such versatile equine companions. Looking to the future we will continue our work preserving and promoting the Welsh Pony and Cob breeds within New Zealand. And carry on producing quality, true to type, athletic Welsh Cobs, suitable for modern equestrian disciplines.

Doug Hough